AA Lenexa Group (a.k.a. Little House)


This "Little House" web-site was created to help inform members of the status of the house while it was being restored from the fire in April 2010. Since it has been repaired, and all meetings are currently taking place in the house, this web-site will be discontinued.

You should be redirected to the KC AA Central Office web-site within 10 seconds. If your web browser doesn't automatically take you there, please click on this link for the KC AA Central Office.


  God grant me the serenity
  To accept the things I cannot change;
  Courage to change the things I can;
  And wisdom to know the difference.

For questions, suggestions, or comments about this site, or about the AA program, please e-mail them to info@aalittlehouse.com
which will be forwarded to the AA KC Central Resource office.